“Talkin Bout Your Generation” Series


You’re unique. And your financial situation is unique not only to your lifestyle but also likely affected by the generation you were born into.

That’s why ReadyForZero is excited to be introducing the new series, Talkin’ Bout Your Generation, where we’ll be looking closely at the challenges faced by different generations and also ways to take those challenges head on. While there will always be differences in how we each approach our personal finances, one thing tends to remain consistent – staying informed and educated about our options is one of the best bets to taking advantage of our individual opportunities and circumstances.

Whatever your age, whatever your history, we’re all in it together. Don’t let fear of the unknown or regret from past financial mistakes stop you from achieving a universal goal – a satisfying life unburdened by debt.

In the next few weeks, we’ll be looking at four established generations and sharing information and tips to help you make the most of your fateful birth year and your current place in life. More specifically, we’ll be discussing the best steps to take if you identify with:

  • MillennialsThey’re connected, confident – and in some serious debt. If you’re struggling to organize your finances, in need of resources to help you achieve your future goals or simply curious about the Millennial Generation, prepare to click on! (You’re already probably pretty good at that)
  • Generation-X: So maybe there’s a bit of truth to the idea that retirement might be a tad tough for Gen X’ers. But that’s no reason to despair! We’ll look at your unique circumstances, and help get you on track to the best possible retirement.
  • Baby Boomers: Ah, baby boomers – we’re adding to to the already hefty surplus of articles looking at your unique and special generation.  This post will address ways you can tally your financial accomplishments and make sure you’re in tip-top shape for your financial future and retirement.
  • A Sandwich Generation: As average life expectancy increases, most of us will face the reality of being sandwiched by older and younger members in our family. We’ve touched on it briefly in our previous posts, but such an important topic deserves a spotlight of its own. The sandwich generation is stretching into the foreseeable future. We’re turning into a downright deli generation, are you prepared?

Whether you find yourself right in the middle of one of these life stages or feel like you’re floating between two (or more), this series will help you strengthen your journey towards a debt free future.

Having taken a cue from the classic lyric, we look forward to delving deep and providing you with useful info and tips in our upcoming series: Talkin Bout Your Generation

Image Credit Grzegorz Łobiński

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