Talkin Bout Your Generations: Let’s Keep Talkin


Throughout the last few weeks, we’ve looked at the special and unique challenges faced by each generation, and what they can do to take advantage of their circumstances. If you missed or want to revisit any posts in our Talkin Bout Our Generations Series, click on the links below.

As you can see, we’ve certainly covered some ground, and also covered a fair bit of the timeline. But even while defining the unique circumstances of each, we made sure to emphasize a consistent call to action in each post: to open up the lines of communication and talk about your financial circumstances with others. As we end the series, we’d like to emphasize the point once more.

To say that there are some major challenges facing the current population isn’t necessarily a new reality – but the fact that people of all ages continue to feel so alone while being in the company of so many others in similar circumstances is disheartening. Whether you’re a millennial struggling to keep up with your student loan payments, or a boomer pushing back the date of your retirement in order to care financially for your family, there are others who are facing similar struggles. You’re not alone.

hurdlesThe series has aimed to be as impartial as possible, focused on compiling carefully researched information and advice about how to acknowledge and act on your unique generational circumstances. But despite being a part of a specific generation, individuals will always have their own personalized money philosophies, a unique set of experiences and varying comfort levels when it comes to finances. It’s a fact that shouldn’t be ignored. Having more or less financial experience – much less life experience – can make it be difficult to remain neutral on the topic of financial security.  But the more important thing to take away from the detailed approach to posts addressing generational differences is that the trends or perceived stereotypes of an entire generation do not make up an individual.

As you continue on your financial journey, investigate other perspectives, as you share your own. Importantly, pass on your financial experiences on to those around you, particularly the generations still carving out their new set of financial habits or reworking their own financial groundwork.

It’s not only about starting the conversation, but it’s also about continuing the conversation. Not pointing out negatives, or highlighting faults, but looking towards the pros of each generation, and how they might be utilized to achieve a more successful financial future. Afterall, it’s not about being right, about being the most successful, but about helping to create an environment that people feel comfortable sharing and learning and adapting as they pursue their financial independence.

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That’s what we aim to do here at the ReadyForZero blog – provide you with the tools to get out of debt and to secure your finances. There is no end of the day at our office: we aim to continue the conversation, we look towards what we can share and learn tomorrow.

mapSo we encourage you to talk, share your wisdom – both from successes and failures, and continue to make financial topics a part of the conversation.

We’ll be here to listen, and to contribute.

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  • debtfreeoneday

    I think talking about debt and continuing the conversation about debt is definitely the key to keeping focused and making the lifestyle changes which are often required to break free of it.

    Before I started really facing up to debt, I didn’t know just how many people were in the same situation as me because I didn’t really research or talk about this before.

    Knowing that I’m not the only one and there are others that have paid their way out of debt really helps to motivate me!

    • That’s what we believe, too. We’re trying to remove the stigma from talking about debt because fear and guilt are not motivating factors. If we all share our own stories we can get support and information from each other – which helps motivate us to pay off the debt. Hope you’ll keep sharing your experience with us!