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How to Handle Debt if You Become Unemployed

How to deal with debt when unemployed

It’s bad enough when you feel as though you are being crushed by the weight of your debt. Even worse is when you lose your job on top of it. What can you do if you have debt and you are unemployed? This situation calls for some serious planning – and up front communication with your creditors.

President Obama to Discuss State of the Economy Tonight

If you’re worried about the economy — and let’s face it, who isn’t these days? — then you’ll probably have some interest in events happening tonight in our nation’s Capital.  At 7:00 EST tonight, President Obama will address Congress to unveil his new plan for creating jobs.  According to CBS News, the plan is expected to include about $400 billion…

Unemployment by the Numbers: Getting Better or Getting Worse?

It seems like every economic analyst has their own particular way of judging the health of the economy.  You can measure changes in GDP, the rise and fall of the stock market, prices for commodities, the rate of inflation, etc.  But no matter what indicators you’re using, there’s one thing you can’t ignore: the level of unemployment, and whether it’s…