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Record Spending on Black Friday? Not for Our Users!

Over the past couple days, newspapers across the country have announced the onset of the holiday season with headlines like “Shoppers Set Spending Record” and “Black Friday Sales Break Records.” Apparently, the preliminary consumer spending numbers are in, and they point to a record Black Friday weekend for retailers. But there’s one group of people who didn’t participate in breaking…

ReadyForZero Success Profile: Colin

Everything we do here at ReadyForZero is intended to help you – our users. We want to make the best tools possible so that you can escape from the clutches of debt and pursue whatever path you want, without worrying about financial burdens. That’s why it’s so gratifying to hear the stories of people who are having success paying down their credit card balances by using our site. A few weeks ago, we got this e-mail from ReadyForZero user Colin:

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