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What You Need to Know About ‘Balance Transfer Day’

On the heels of Bank Transfer Day, a new day of protest against big banks is garnering headlines: it’s called Balance Transfer Day and is being promoted on Facebook and other social media sites. The idea of Balance Transfer Day is that people should use December 11, 2011, as a day to find better interest rates so they can move…

ReadyForZero Success Profile: Jared

Today we want to highlight Jared McFarland, a ReadyForZero user who contacted us recently via e-mail. We were excited to hear that Jared had already paid off two credit cards using ReadyForZero. And we also took note of his desire to link up student loans (hopefully he’ll be happy to know that is possible, as of today!) Since we love hearing how ReadyForZero is working for people, we decided to get Jared on the phone to ask him about his experience.

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How will the U.S. Credit Downgrade Affect Consumers?

When Standard & Poor’s, one of the three main credit rating agencies, decided to downgrade U.S. government debt from the highest rating (AAA) to the next lower rating (AA+), it caused a whole lot of volatility on Wall Street and prompted a rapid response from President Obama.   But how will the downgrade affect consumers directly?  Will it change interest rates…