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How Soon Should I Use A Credit Card After Paying Off Debt?

“How soon should I use a credit card after paying off debt?” This is a question I’ve received lately after speaking with a few individuals about my personal debt payoff journey. While the debt I paid off covered both student loans and credit cards, it was the latter that was the bigger pill to swallow. Not only did it encapsulate…

What Happens to My Debt When I Die?

Death is an unfortunate reality of life. With it comes many responsibilities for remaining family members and friends. Like it or not, debt is one of those responsibilities heirs must handle. One might think that when you die your debt goes with you to the grave. That is not always the case, however. In some instances, your heirs might be…

Pay off Debt or Invest – 3 Reasons Why You Should Do Both

debt consolidation

There is an age-old, yet always-timely debate within the personal finance community of whether you should pay off debt or invest first. Many of us are carrying some form of consumer or student loan debt, yet we read about how far behind Americans are when it comes to saving for retirement. It can be difficult to focus on paying down…

Should You Tell Your Kids About Your Debt?

If you’re a parent, you know raising a child is no small feat. You do the best you can and hope you’re preparing them to lead successful, satisfying and meaningful lives as adults. There are a myriad of ways to handle the milestones your child faces and there’s often not one clear-cut best way to respond in every situation. Thankfully,…

How Low Self-Esteem Could Be Keeping You From Paying Off Your Debt

When we talk about low self-esteem in our society, we often tie it back to body issues and negative feelings about our outer appearance. But self-esteem doesn’t just dictate how you feel when you look in the mirror, it can be the driving factor in how you show up in relationships, what you think you can achieve in your career,…

How to Handle Debt if You Become Unemployed

How to deal with debt when unemployed

It’s bad enough when you feel as though you are being crushed by the weight of your debt. Even worse is when you lose your job on top of it. What can you do if you have debt and you are unemployed? This situation calls for some serious planning – and up front communication with your creditors.

How Bad Are Payday Loans?

Exactly how bad are payday loans? Within the credit industry, no one is more reviled than the payday loan companies. They are notorious for high interest rates and for beckoning some consumers into a self-destructive cycle of debt from which they will never recover. The payday lending companies say they merely provide a service that people need, and argue that…

What Are Your State of the Union Predictions?

As you probably know, tonight President Obama will deliver the State of the Union Address to a packed chamber in the House of Representatives. Some of the themes of the speech we can predict, such as emphasizing the need for job creation. But what do you think he will he say about debt?

Why Your Bank Wants to Be Friends on Facebook

Well, another Friday is upon us and we wanted to bring you the most interesting debt-related news of the week. There was a lot going on this week, as banks got more Facebook savvy, new census data showed us how many Americans are in poverty, and Congress tried to fix the finances of the federal government: