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Americans’ Credit Card Spending Lower for the Second Month in a Row

If you’ve been cutting down on credit card purchases lately, you’re not alone.  The Federal Reserve’s monthly report on consumer credit was released last Friday, and it shows that the total amount of revolving credit went down for the second month in a row, from $792 billion to about $790 billion.  That may seem like a relatively small change, but considering…

Talking ‘Bout My Generation: “We Are the 99 Percent”

Something important is happening in our national conversation right now.  A simple website that started as part of the “Occupy Wall Street” protests has become an outlet for people all across America who are struggling with severe debt (and lack of job opportunities) and who are now making their voices heard. The website is called We Are the 99 Percent,…

Bank of America Announces New Fees For Debit Cards

Quick, check your wallet — if you happen to have a debit card issued by Bank of America, you should be prepared to pay a new $5 monthly fee starting as soon as January. The bank says it will charge customers the $5 fee in any month in which they make a purchase with their debit card.  Bank of America…

ReadyForZero Success Profile: Felipe

Here at the ReadyForZero headquarters, we’re excited because it seems that just as quickly as we post a ReadyForZero Success Profiles like this one or this one on our blog, we hear from another person who is willing to share their story with us. Eventually, we’re hoping the steady stream of success stories will outpace the speed with which we can get them down on paper! Our subject for today’s Success Profile is Felipe Delgado, a web developer from Florida. Like so many people in America, he got into debt through the use of that most-tempting-of-tiny-objects: the credit card.

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ReadyForZero Featured in CNNMoney

After attending the Finovate Fall 2011 conference earlier this week, we’re getting attention from several national media outlets.  Today, CNNMoney has posted an article about us that describes how we’re helping people create customized plans to pay off their debt and be better informed about the true cost of their interest payments.

ReadyForZero Success Profile: Colin

Everything we do here at ReadyForZero is intended to help you – our users. We want to make the best tools possible so that you can escape from the clutches of debt and pursue whatever path you want, without worrying about financial burdens. That’s why it’s so gratifying to hear the stories of people who are having success paying down their credit card balances by using our site. A few weeks ago, we got this e-mail from ReadyForZero user Colin:

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