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Talking ‘Bout My Generation: “We Are the 99 Percent”

Something important is happening in our national conversation right now.  A simple website that started as part of the “Occupy Wall Street” protests has become an outlet for people all across America who are struggling with severe debt (and lack of job opportunities) and who are now making their voices heard. The website is called We Are the 99 Percent,…

Basics of Bankruptcy: How to Know When it is Your Best Option

For people who are really struggling with debt, there often comes a time when climbing the mountain back to fiscal solvency seems impossible. At that moment, bankruptcy may seem like the best way out.  And sometimes it is.  But it’s certainly not an easy way out, so it’s something that should only be entered into after careful thought and deliberation….

The True Cost of a For-Profit Education

Have you recently seen an ad encouraging you to “go to school in your pajamas”?  It’s pretty likely you have, since these ads seem to have become ubiquitous lately. These days, there is a wide range of for-profit universities and many of them are indeed thriving by allowing students to attend class online (and not to mention, on a flexible…

Venture funded

We just wrapped up a Series A investment round to the tune of $4.5 million from Polaris Venture Capital with participation from Citi Ventures. Now we have even more resources to do what we do best: create simple financial software for managing and reducing debt. In addition, this provides us with additional expertise and solidifies our position as a responsible option for people in debt.

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