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Basics of Bankruptcy: How to Know When it is Your Best Option

For people who are really struggling with debt, there often comes a time when climbing the mountain back to fiscal solvency seems impossible. At that moment, bankruptcy may seem like the best way out.  And sometimes it is.  But it’s certainly not an easy way out, so it’s something that should only be entered into after careful thought and deliberation….

How Americans get out of credit card debt.

When we decided to build a company to help people with debt, we didn’t quite understand the entire spectrum of available options or magnitude of the problem at hand. Even though we had struggled with the problem ourselves, had first-hand experience helping friends and family, and had heard about things like Debt Management Programs (DMPs), credit counseling and debt consolidation;…

ReadyForZero Interview: Damon Day, Financial Advocate & Debt Coach

Damon DayDamon Day

We wanted to change things up a little with a series of “Q and A” style interviews with people who are innovating in the debt relief industry. This includes but is not limited to vocal consumer advocates and people or companies creating innovative financial products and services. In this first interview, we are talking to Damon Day of Damon Day…

Bank of America lowered my credit limit: A user story (share yours!)

Privatized scan of Bank of America credit limit reduction letterBank of America credit limit reduction letter

For the past few months, we’ve been fortunate enough to work with a loyal group of beta users on ReadyForZero.com. Getting out of debt is not something that happens overnight, so it’s been important for us to be able to help people through the process over time (it’s also been very rewarding). One of our users (let’s call her Lindsay1)…