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5 Easy Ways to Wipe Out Credit Card Debt

Credit card debt is easy to get into and difficult to get out of.  Prior to heading off to college, my mother told me that credit cards could be my best friend or worst enemy. She continued by saying that keeping the balances low and making timely payments was the sound thing to do. Unfortunately, I ignored the warnings and found…

6 Reasons Why Avoiding Credit Is Costing You

As a teenager, I was repeatedly told that establishing credit and using it responsibly to build a high score was paramount to my long-term financial success. Too bad I completely ignored the latter part of that advice and found myself in a mountain of debt by the age of 21. And it’s around that time that I decided to complete…

How Soon Should I Use A Credit Card After Paying Off Debt?

“How soon should I use a credit card after paying off debt?” This is a question I’ve received lately after speaking with a few individuals about my personal debt payoff journey. While the debt I paid off covered both student loans and credit cards, it was the latter that was the bigger pill to swallow. Not only did it encapsulate…

A Cure for Your Black Friday Shopping Hangover

As you stumbled out of bed, you nearly tripped over a pile of empty department store shopping bags strewn across the floor. You looked around and saw shiny new tech gadgets on the table and an empty wallet sitting next to them looking melancholy. Your mind whirled: “What the heck happened here?” Then, suddenly, you remembered: Black Friday weekend.

ReadyForZero Success Profile: Felipe

Here at the ReadyForZero headquarters, we’re excited because it seems that just as quickly as we post a ReadyForZero Success Profiles like this one or this one on our blog, we hear from another person who is willing to share their story with us. Eventually, we’re hoping the steady stream of success stories will outpace the speed with which we can get them down on paper! Our subject for today’s Success Profile is Felipe Delgado, a web developer from Florida. Like so many people in America, he got into debt through the use of that most-tempting-of-tiny-objects: the credit card.

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