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How Tiffany Paid Off $8,000 of Debt In Under 10 Months

We’ve been on a roll lately when it comes to talking with awesome ReadyForZero users who are kicking butt, taking names, and paying off their debt like crazy. If you haven’t read our recent profiles of Katrina or Jared yet, check them out. Today we’re profiling Tiffany, a ReadyForZero user in Maryland who has paid off more than $8,000 in credit card debt. When we talked to her, we found she had learned some valuable lessons about how to get out of debt, so we wanted to share her experience and her advice with you.

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Bank of America Backs Down from $5 Debit Card Fee

Rarely does a company get such immediate and negative feedback from its customers as Bank of America did when they announced a new $5 fee for debit card users one month ago. At the time, their spokeswoman Anne Pace said “the economics of offering debit cards have changed.”  But apparently they haven’t changed enough to allow the $5 fee to…

Bank of America Announces New Fees For Debit Cards

Quick, check your wallet — if you happen to have a debit card issued by Bank of America, you should be prepared to pay a new $5 monthly fee starting as soon as January. The bank says it will charge customers the $5 fee in any month in which they make a purchase with their debit card.  Bank of America…