How NOT to Get Crushed By Student Loans [Infographic]

There is a student loan bubble, and it’s getting bigger. Are you one of the borrowers who’s in danger? To learn how you can avoid getting crushed by your student loans, see our new infographic below. And help us spread the word by sharing it on Facebook or posting it on Pinterest.

Click on the image below to see a larger view:

How Not to Get Crushed by Student Loans

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  • Yesspaz

    Where does a first-year teacher make enough to have $3,000 take home? Yeah, right. A friend of mine – Masters degree, fifth-year teacher, take home: $2,100.

    • Thanks for the comment. From what I’ve read, the average teacher salary is probably somewhere between those two numbers. If someone’s salary is lower, then Income Based Repayment (the program mentioned in that section of the infographic) will be even more helpful to them!

      • Yesspaz

        More helpful if their goal is to stay in debt longer and pay more in total interest. 😉

        • There are two major problems people usually have with student loans. One is not being able to make their monthly payments. The other is having lots of money go toward repayment because of interest. As you mentioned, IBR helps people with the former problem but not those with the latter problem. For them, we have other suggestions, including using ReadyForZero to help manage your debt and pay off debt more quickly.

          • Yesspaz

            [Heh, when I see “IBR” I read that as “Increasing Benefit Rider” – life insurance]

            I was a “client” (I guess?) of RFZ for a while, but just got frustrated with not being able to link my accounts, and then when I got them linked, not being able to update them reliably. If that was cleared up, I’d be a fan!

          • Yesspaz

            Off topic, I know. Probably will get deleted. 😛

          • Nope! That’s a fair comment. Our goal is to make ReadyForZero work well for everyone, and we always appreciate hearing honest feedback.

          • Glad to hear you liked the product and sorry to hear your accounts didn’t link! How long ago was it that you tried it? We’ve had many improvements since our initial launch, although there are still some financial institutions whose accounts we can’t link. Let us know if we can help at

          • Yesspaz

            How long ago? This week. Support simply says, Try again, or, We have problems with that company. etc.

          • Yes, unfortunately some companies’ accounts cannot be linked. It sounds like yours fall under that category. We’re going to keep expanding the number that work as fast as possible, though, so hopefully in the future yours will work!

        • Don’t forget the debt forgiveness option that comes w/IBR

  • My comment is off topic too. Feel free to delete it as well. When you mention a “student loan bubble,” what does that entail? What will a popping bubble look like?

    • There are different definitions of the student loan bubble. The most common definition would probably refer to the growing size of the total student loan debt and the general sense that this level of student debt is unsustainable (both at the individual level and the national level). In terms of the consequences of the bubble when/if it “pops” that is hard to say – although a quick Google search yields some interesting articles speculating about this. Hopefully the bubble will gradually ease itself rather than popping.