The Story of Our Logo

The Story of Our Logo

Have you ever taken a look at that blue circle next to our name and wondered what it is? Where did it come from? What does it stand for? Well, it’s about time we’ve told you the story of our logo so we can give you a better understanding of who we are.

It all started with the idea of being debt-free and how that would feel. The words freedom and relief immediately came to mind. Having debt can make you feel like you’re walking around with a black cloud hovering over your head. To have that black cloud lifted? It would be like taking a deep breath of fresh air for the first time since it all began. This is the feeling that ReadyForZero was created for. We wanted to help people eliminate debt from their lives and finally have the ability to live free of the black cloud.

Enter the dandelion. Remember when you were a little kid? Did you ever pick a dandelion from the grass, close your eyes, and blow the petals into the wind while making a wish? I don’t even know what wishes I was making when I was a kid, but I know what I’d wish for now. Aside from the normal health, happiness, and success, I’d wish to be debt-free forever. No more student loans. No more giving my paychecks to interest. No more fretting over past financial mistakes. Just to save the money I earn and allow myself to develop a solid financial future. The freedom to live a life void of financial worry.

Getting to that point is a long road. Sometimes it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes the road takes unexpected turns that make it seem even longer. But with the eye on the prize – a life free of debt – that road can come to an end. And when it does, you can look back at that road and feel proud of what you’ve accomplished. There’s no point in wishing things were different, but rather you should wish for the strength and tenacity to get through what things are now.

ReadyForZero is here to help you on that journey. That is ultimately why we chose the dandelion as our logo. Before you can even start traveling the road to being debt-free, you have to really want it and allow yourself to hope for a better future. We wanted people to look at our logo and do just that. Only then can they take the steps to make it happen. So go ahead and close your eyes, imagine blowing off the petals of the dandelion, and make that wish. We’re right here to help you when you do.

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  • Jenna from Adaptu

    I thought it had something to do with feeling as free as a dandelion in the wind.  Thanks for sharing the story.

    • Shannon_ReadyForZero

      Yep, you got it Jenna!  Thanks for reading our story!