What Are Your State of the Union Predictions?

As you probably know, tonight President Obama will deliver the State of the Union Address to a packed chamber in the House of Representatives. Some of the themes of the speech we can predict, such as emphasizing the need for job creation.

But what do you think he will he say about debt?

Our Predictions

There are a lot of different ways that debt is affecting our society – whether it’s the national debt, student loan debt, mortgage debt, or consumer debt, so it wouldn’t be too surprising if President Obama decides to make it a big part of his speech. While its hard to guess exactly what he might say, here are a few of our predictions:

  • National debt: We are 99.9% sure the President will talk about the importance of reducing the national debt, and almost as sure that he’ll link it to what’s being called the “Buffett Rule” – that is, Obama’s proposal to create a new tax rate for individuals earning more than $1 million per year.
  • Mortgages: We predict that President Obama will link the importance of job creation to the continuing improvement of the housing market, saying something along the lines of: “When people have jobs, they can continue to invest in their neighborhoods and their communities.”
  • Student loans: He will likely tout his changes to student loan rules, and will argue that investing in young people is crucial for our future.

We also hope that he’ll discuss the future of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and how it can provide better outcomes for people who use financial products and services.

What’s Your Prediction?

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Leave a comment below with your own prediction, and tonight during the speech we’ll see who was right!

Also, if you are planning to watch the speech tonight, listen for any discussion of debt – and if you hear it, leave a comment below to alert us. We’ll be watching and updating this blog post during and/or after the speech to help keep you informed about how debt-related issues are being handled at the federal level.

P.S. The speech can be viewed online via C-Span, and starts at 9 EST.

Image by BlatantWorld.com

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