Socks in the City

Socks in the CitySocks. We all wear them, we all lose them. How many times have you folded laundry and ended up one sock short? Or opened your washing machine to see a sock stuck on the inside, but yet you’re still one sock short? No big deal, right? They’re cheap so you’ll just buy some more. Seriously, could there be anything less significant than a lost sock?

Now imagine that you don’t have a home – or shoes. Your socks would be the only barrier between you and the hard, dirty, and sometimes glass and trash littered concrete. Suddenly the idea of not having enough socks is a much bigger deal. But just the socks on your feet can’t be enough. They’ll quickly deteriorate and form holes and before you know it, your feet are totally exposed. What does that mean besides having cold and dirty feet? It means that you can get blisters which can turn into infections which can turn into more serious health issues down the road. It means living an already difficult life in pain and discomfort. Something so simple and easy to most people becomes something so vital to those living on the streets.

Why is ReadyForZero talking about this? We’re a site that helps people get organized and pay off their debt, not a site that collects socks for the homeless. But St. Anthony’s Foundation in San Francisco does. They’ve got a cool program called Socks in the City that collects socks and distributes them to the homeless each year. This year they need 5,000 pairs of socks. The whole team at ReadyForZero is collecting socks this week to help put a dent in this number, but we can’t do it alone! So if you have a trip planned to Costco anytime soon, pick up some men’s white athletic or outdoor socks and drop them off at the address below anytime between 8:30-4:30, Monday-Friday:

Sock Diva @ St. Anthony Foundation
150 Golden Gate Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94102

Are you the type that likes to organize events? You could get something going at your office just like our very own Bobby did. Socks in the City mentions great ideas like hosting a sock party or competition or even sock bombing a colleague’s office (my personal favorite idea). What if you collect so many socks that there’s no way you can drop them off yourself? Not to worry! Email them at to have a barrel delivered. Or, if you’re more of the social media type, spread the word through through Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, or share a story or photo on Tumblr. No matter how you do it, if you take some time out of your day to send a pair of socks to Socks in the City, you’ll without question make a big difference in someone’s life.

Image by bark

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