Put Your Student Loans on Autopilot

Last year, the ReadyForZero community paid down over $32 million in personal debt using our award-winning online financial tools. In 2013, we are making it easier to conquer any type of debt even faster with automatic recurring monthly and biweekly payments.

This year, ReadyForZero users will be able to simplify their lives by putting their plans on complete autopilot. Once you have signed up for ReadyForZero PLUS, you will notice two new options: recurring monthly and biweekly payments. The new biweekly option allows you to split your large monthly payments into 2 smaller payments paid biweekly. This works particularly well with large non-revolving debts like student loans and aligns with your paychecks to save you a lot of time and money. Check out this simple example. In fact, student loans are the fastest growing debt type on ReadyForZero.

Screenshot of your new “Make a Payment” options.

From the very beginning, our vision required us to strip away the many challenges inherent in managing personal debt to a point where it can be completely automatic and, at the same time, a pleasurable experience. We envisioned something that allowed you to: simply set up a personalized plan, monitor your progress, and automatically reach your goals. This was our big vision of the future because we knew firsthand, without this type of “automation”, reducing debt and building wealth was too difficult for many people to achieve.

Student Loans - Biweekly Payments

Checking on your possible money savings is quick and easy.

Today’s modern financial products and services are complex enough and, needless to say, we didn’t want to have anything to do with this mainstream confusion. Instead, we designed ReadyForZero so it could handle all the heavy-lifting and serve you as a trusted financial expert who not only gets you organized but takes the smartest action on your behalf. This means the day-to-day pain of managing and reducing personal debt must disappear into the background.

With this release, ReadyForZero has finally arrived. Now you can create a plan, set up automatic payments based on your cashflow and plan while you track your progress all from a single place online or on-the-go.

Enjoy and, as always, we welcome your feedback.

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  • So if I chose to do the biweekly payments, I’m assuming I would need to turn off auto debit with my student loan provider?