Shannon’s Shout Outs: Retirement Edition

shannonsshoutoutsExciting news – today is my last weekly shout out as I’ll be handing the reins over to our fabulous intern that could, Claire! Don’t forget to check in next Friday for the first installment of Claire’s Corner.

It’s the last few days of Sandwich Generation Month and the perfect chance to talk about how we can all work to improve our financial futures. You know what that means…time to talk retirement savings! I know, I know. This isn’t the most exciting topic in the world. However, what is exciting is the knowledge that small changes you make now can set you up for financial strength and stability as you grow older. So take a look at these great posts to find out what you need to do to get on track!

5 Life-Changing Ways to Invest in Yourself and See Big Returns (Careful Cents)
When planning for your future, there are things you can do daily to add impact. Follow these steps to achieve the best future possible.

Saving for the Future vs. Spending Today (Bargaineering)
Making choices that will benefit your future requires daily diligence. Here’s this practice is so valuable.

Retirement Myth #1: Accumulation is the Main Thing (Forbes)
Whether you’re new to retirement savings or a seasoned veteran, you won’t want to miss the useful tools in this article.

5 Reasons a Roth IRA Should Be Part of Your Retirement Plan (Money Talks News)
Roth IRA – do you know how it works? Read these 5 reasons to open one to learn what it is and how it can benefit your retirement plans.

Retirement Finances: Will Your Expenses Drop? Or Just Change? (Smart on Money)
People often plan for a portion of their living expenses in retirement – but is that wise? Join the discussion to decide what you’ll need.

New Retirement Trend: Managed 401(k) Plans (Fox Business)
Managing a 401(k) on your own isn’t always easy. Here you can learn what a managed 401(k) plan is and how it can improve your returns.

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