Shannon’s Shout Outs: Financial Hangover Edition


This week’s post for Shannon’s Shout Outs has been heisted by the the ReadyForZero intern Muahaha. But don’t worry, Shannon will be back next week to showcase even more awesomeness. In the meantime – sit back, grab a donut, and enjoy.*

Manage to have fun over the holiday weekend? A little too much fun? With all the barbecues, parties and festivities, finances may have been the last thing on your mind.  But even if you feel like you’re nursing a mega-financial hangover, fear not! We’ve compiled some great reads to help you regroup and get back on track. Here are a few top picks to inspire action and refocus your finances!

The Interplay of Weekends and Weekdays in Finding and Meeting Financial Goals (Frugal Confessions)
Great look at combining and balancing weekday and weekend goals. An energizing way to organize your financial plan – especially after a holiday!

Are You Dumb If You Can’t Manage Your Money? No. (The Simple Dollar)
A simple reminder that managing your finances is a unique and ongoing journey. Just the boost you may need as you look to take on another month.

5 Ways to Ease Your Money Stress (Shelby Bremer via
Holidays can have a way of magnifying stress associated with finances. Here are some great tips to inspire action as you take on the challenges!

33 Ways to Save a Buck Right This Minute (And Then We Saved)
Looking for quick and easy ways to refocus your saving efforts? Here are some great  insta-saving ideas to get started!

How to Save Money on Groceries (MoneyNing)
Barbecues and summer parties can definitely put pressure on your food budget. To help on your next grocery store visit, a few money saving tips!

39 Tips That’ll Save You Hundreds on Your Next Trip (POPSUGAR Smart Living via Wisebread)
And what better way to budget a trip than to plan ahead? Some tips to keep in mind if you (lucky you) still have some vacation time on the horizon.

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