Shannon’s Shout Outs – Family and Finances Edition


What do you do with your family for some quality time? Grab a pizza and have a game night? Go out to a local park? I can imagine at least one thing you probably don’t do during family time – talk about finances. However, talking about finances as a family early and often is a great way to ensure that you’re all on the same page and that your kids grow up understanding the responsibility of money. Win/win!

If you’re wondering how to broach the topic and what to focus on – not to worry. I’ve compiled a list of recent blog posts that cover a variety of financial issues that matter to you and your family. And if all else fails during the meeting, order a pizza.

How to Get Your Entire Family on Board to Save Some Dough (Financial Highway)
Making saving money a joint effort. Here are a few ways to make that happen so you can all chip in to reach your money savings goals.

3 Modern Tools for Paying Your Kid’s Allowance (Bargaineering)
Allowances are a classic way to teach children about money and work ethics. These tools let you add learning technology into the mix!

What Are the Most Important Money Lessons Parents Should Teach their Children? (Get Rich Slowly)
Not sure where to start in teaching your kids about money? Here’s a great list to get you started!

Preventing Identity Theft for Your Children (Cash Money Life)
Protecting your identity = protecting your finances. Now you can take steps to do the same for your children as well.

Your Kids’ Identities Just Got Safer (
Children can be easy targets for identity thieves – but a new act is out to change that. Find out what this means for your kids under 13.

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13 Things Every High School Student Should Know About Money (Dough Roller)
High school is when kids get their first glimpse at independence. Help your children achieve this independence responsibly with these tips.

Who Should I Leave My Money To? (Money Talks News)
Parents need to have a will in case the worst happens. This blog post shows how to protect money that could be left to your children.


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