Shannon’s Shout Outs: Breaking Down Mental Barriers Edition

shannonsshoutoutsOne topic we’ve been talking about a lot lately is the topic of mental barriers which prevent us from paying off debt. What do I mean by that? I’m talking about the emotions you might feel which block you from doing all you can to reach your debt payoff goals. This is something that we all go through from time to time, which is why it’s so important to talk about it! This week I’m sharing a few blog posts that tackle the idea of talking about debt, plus some that look at ways to pay it off from a different point of view than what you may be used to seeing.

Talk About Money: The Key to Financial Literacy? (Get Rich Slowly)
Whether you’re dealing with debt or just want to become more financially savvy, you’re much more likely to make your goals happen if you talk about them. Here’s why.

The Emotional Effects of Debt and How to Deal (Financial Highway)
Dealing with debt is just as much an emotional journey as it is a financial journey. Here are a few tips to diagnosing the emotions you’re dealing with and how to get past them.

Defeating Anger in Money Conversations (The Simple Dollar)
Talking about money in your relationship can lead to some uncomfortable conversations. Luckily, this posts shares strategies for getting past anger so you can work together.

Are You a Shopaholic? Overcome Shopping Addiction (Family Living Finance)
Do you love to shop…maybe a little too much? This post will help you determine if your shopping is veering on the unhealthy side – and what you can do about it.

Balance Spending and Paying Off Debt (The Centsible Life)
As nice as it is to drop everything until debt is paid off, it’s not always the most sustainable plan. This post talks about avoiding a crash diet for your finances and how to create balance.

How about some more reading for your week? Here are a few of the guest posts that we’ve recently worked on: – Is Your Wedding Becoming a Money Pit?
Credit Karma – 5 Ways to Earn More Money in the Collaborative Economy – Career Planning for the Military Spouse – Financial Spring Cleaning: Three Ways to Get on Track

We’ve also been lucky enough to have these great website mention us in the past week!

GoodApril for Venture Beat
Lend Academy
My University Money
The Debt Movement
The Hipster Home
Yahoo! Finance

Have mental barriers getting in your way? Please share them in the comments below. The more we are willing to share our experiences, the more we can all help each other become debt-free!

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