Claire’s Corner: Save Big With Small Steps


Happy Friday, and happy September!

Every so often when I check on my progress with my student loan debt, I’ll let myself have a nice little daydream about being debt free. It usually goes a little something like this:

footstepsPoof! All debt has magically disappeared. And then I’m suddenly surrounded by walls made of pizza.

Short and simple. Easy and painless. And admittedly – extremely unrealistic.

Paying off debt isn’t instantaneous. Anyone working towards debt free knows it’s a trek. But any journey starts with a first step. In repaying debt, the cumulative impact is made up of small savings and choices. And while I can’t pay off my student loan debt by simply imagining it away, I do know that utilizing the tools and opportunities I have now will help me to achieve my later goals. And those goals most definitely include a retirement home constructed of pizza.

Even faced with the biggest, baddest of tasks – small changes or actions make a difference. These articles highlight some great tips to motivate and inspire your financial journey:

Ten Things You Can Do This Evening To Save Money – The Simple Dollar
Even if you thought dinner was the only thing on your agenda after work – savings habits are easy to squeeze in, especially if they’re a part of your day to day routine. The Simple Dollar shares a few tips to get you started.

Small Efforts, Big Rewards – Frugal Confessions
Amanda offers some easy changes to make which can result in long term payoffs. I just about left the office in the middle of the day to go set them all up!

Is Saving For Retirement A Sprint or A Marathon? Retire By 40
A great way to look at your financial planning routine, and what the timeline of your journey may look like.

How To Get Ahead Financially Every Week – GoGirl Finance
What happens if you’re faced with a cushion of extra cash? Though tempting to spend it all, it pays off to set your eyes on the future. GoGirl Finance explains why in this inspiring read.

Lowering The Monthly Nut: Cell Phone Edition – Sustainable Life Blog
Still unsure of where you to start taking some smart budgeting actions? Cell phone expenses can be a great place to begin. For a personal view with actionable tips, check out Sustainable Life Blog’s post!

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Have a great weekend!

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