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Anyone who has ever been in a relationship knows how important the money conversation can be – and how it can even put stress on the relationship. This can happen for various reasons – including loss of income, spending too much, or different attitudes toward money. Not to mention the way earning inequalities can lead to unease, resentment, and arguments. This resource center, created by ReadyForZero, can help you navigate this tricky territory. We’ll update it regularly, so be sure to check back often. Looking for even more advice? Check out our Couples & Finances ebook!

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The Couple Money Guide to Starting Your Emergency Fund Get your safety net prepped and ready for your life as a couple. Great tips to grow your emergency fund!
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A Spender and a Saver Relationship Can the two exist peacefully? We think so. Read on to find out how a spender and a saver have balanced their finances.
Recommended book
For Richer, Not Poorer This book helps you address the root of any problems between you and your partner related to money. It also provides practical advice for couples.
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