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Is a mortgage in your future? Regardless of whether you are already a homeowner or just starting to think about buying a home, understanding how mortgages work and how your mortgage will help you achieve your financial goals (or jeopardize them) is imperative for any prospective or current homeowner. Below, we’ll explain everything you need to know about mortgages – from mortgage interest rates to insurance to tax deductions. Who are we? We’re ReadyForZero, a company dedicated to helping people pay off debt – on their own. We intend to update this resource center in the future, so be sure to bookmark it and come back to it.

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Monthly Checklists To Stay On Top Of Home Maintenance Tasks Accelerate your mortgage payments with some sweat equity! Here's how to keep up with the demands of homeownership.
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Top 7 Mortgage Myths Debunked Check out some of the top mortgage myths - and avoid getting duped or confused by tricky mortgage lingo!
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Mortgages for Dummies A comprehensive book about mortgages that answers almost any question you might have about the process of obtaining and paying off a mortgage.
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