Refer a Friend and Get ReadyForZero PLUS Free for a Month

Last month we unveiled a brand new feature called ReadyForZero PLUS, which allows you to supercharge your debt repayment plan by making your payments directly through ReadyForZero. So now, once you create a plan and have your target account in your sights, you can schedule a payment and feel confident that you’re on your way to being debt free.

Boost your debt repayment

Once your payment is scheduled, you can count on it being delivered (directly from your checking account) on or before the date you specified.

Pretty cool, right?

Well, if you’ve been waiting to try ReadyForZero PLUS, now is your chance. While ReadyForZero remains free and will always be free, a subscription to PLUS is $4.99 per month. But for right now, we’re giving you a free month of PLUS for every friend you refer. And that’s in addition to the free trial – for one month – that is already available to anyone who wants to try it out.

So really, there’s no reason not to try it. You could even get four months free if you:

1. Sign up for the free one month trial
2. Get a friend to sign up before the first month is over
3. Get another friend to sign up before the second month is over
4. Get a third friend to sign up before the third month is over

To refer a friend, just click the button below and follow the instructions (you’ll need to log in first):

» Refer a friend

And if you want to sign up for PLUS right now, just log-in to your ReadyForZero account (or create one) and click on the button that says “Make a payment.” You’ll be prompted to set up your new ReadyForZero PLUS account, and then you can immediately schedule payments.


We’re really excited to see what you think of this feature. As always, we’d like to hear your feedback (to reach us, e-mail You can always cancel it if you don’t like it. But we think you’ll love it.


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