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ReadyForZero ReviewsReadyForZero is an online web tool for managing and paying off all types of debt. It also shows you specific information that is helpful to you such as the amount of interest you are being charged per day, and sends you timely reminders when you have payments due.

Are you interested in trying ReadyForZero but want to read some reviews of it first? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Below are some of the many reviews of ReadyForZero we’ve collected in one place for your convenience…

ReadyForZero Review by CNN Money:

Along your debt-paying journey, ReadyForZero acts as the angel on your shoulder. When it sees that an extra check or lump sum of money was deposited into your account, it will tell you to put that toward your debt — and show you just how much closer you’ll be to accomplishing your goals if you do. When you buy a new iPhone on your credit card, it will tell you how much that purchase is really going to cost you once interest is factored in.

ReadyForZero Review by PC Mag:

To use ReadyForZero, you enter the information of the account(s) you want to pay down. It finds the account and calculates how long it will take to pay it off, as well as what your final payoff amount will be—often a very sobering number. Once you know what you’re up against, you then devise a plan to pay it down faster by finding out how much you can possibly afford.

Instead of entering an arbitrary number in a fill-in box, RFZ includes two cool slider tools: one to raise or lower the monthly payment and another to show the time needed to pay off the balance. The calculations are done automatically. And for positive reinforcement, the numbers are broken down into digestible pieces. For example, instead of beating you over the head with that one big balance in red, it shows you how much your debt is costing you each day and how much you’ve saved by paying a larger amount each month.

ReadyForZero Review by Fast Company:

When you sign up, you give ReadyForZero access to your accounts, so it can pull your data and monitor your progress in realtime. You then get a page with sliders where you can set how much per month you want to pay or a deadline for when you want to be out of debt. As you drag those sliders around, numbers change automatically, showing you the effects that your choices will have on your debt levels.

Based on all that information, ReadyForZero generates a personalized plan (with a payment schedule you can sync to your calendar) designed to get you out of debt as quickly as possible. At any time, you can go back in, change the sliders around or schedule extra payments and see the results of those actions. You can also track your progress.

ReadyForZero Review by Lifehacker:

ReadyForZero is a great webapp that looks at the money in your back account and all your debt to come up with a personalized reduction plan suited specifically for you. Now they’ve added a payment system that’ll act on that plan for you, automatically.

ReadyForZero always provides suggestions on how much you should pay down various parts of your debt each month, but the new payments feature can take care of that automatically. It’ll even tell you how much interest you’ll save.

ReadyForZero Review by Tech Crunch:

The feature takes advantage of the service’s analytics which help users better understand their financial standing and how their spending behavior impacts their ability to get back on track. While the startup isn’t revealing its user numbers, CEO Rod Ebrahimi says that it has now helped Americans pay down over $25 million in debt, and is growing its user base 5-10% month-over-month.

ReadyForZero Review by MyBankTracker:

ReadyforZero seemed to understand our credit situation better than any of its competitors. When we paid off the balance on one of our cards, only ReadyforZero seemed to see the significance. Certainly it was the only one of the systems to acknowledge the accomplishment (we got a nice congratulatory email, complete with a cartoon illustration of a trophy.)

What do you think? Do you think ReadyForZero can help you get out of debt? You can give it a try by going to the ReadyForZero homepage and signing up. You can also try ReadyForZero PLUS, which allows you to make payments directly to your debt accounts.

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