ReadyForZero Product Update: Improved Graphs, Editable Minimums, Account Stats

Here on the ReadyForZero product team, we’re always working hard to improve our tools and empower our users. You often tell us what you want in the product, and we use this input as the raw material for our product updates (although we have a few more visionary tricks up our sleeve, too). I wanted to highlight three of our latest product updates, which came directly from your feedback and insights:

  1. Updated graphs
  2. Editable minimum payments
  3. Account statistics

Updated Graphs

Seeing your debt go down visually is much more natural than playing with numbers. But, believe it or not, visual tools are difficult to build in a way that makes sense for everybody, and that accounts for all the unique financial situations out there.

That’s why we’re very proud of our solid new debt graph. It shows both the past and future of your journey, including when you’ll pay off specific accounts. You can also filter the graph to a specific account, allowing you to see what the plan is for a certain credit card, student loan, or other debt. Give it a try on your Progress page and let us know what you think.


Editable Minimum Payments

Is your bank returning an incorrect minimum payment, or none at all? Users have often asked to manually edit the minimum payments for their accounts, so we made this possible on the Accounts tab. Simply click on any minimum payment amount on this page to change it.


Account Statistics

Every debt situation is unique, and there are some fascinating numbers that the banks won’t tell you. Do you know how much interest you pay every day, just to carry your balances? Do you know when, exactly, you’ll be out of debt?

We’ve brought these numbers to the forefront of the product. Knowing where you stand is important, and feeling the daily pain of debt can keep us motivated to get out of it. When your interest costs you a coffee, a dinner, or even a tank of gas every day, you’re ready to get rid of it. Log in to check it out.

Thanks again for all the wonderful feedback and support you’ve given us. We always want more, so feel free to send us thoughts, ideas, complaints, or cookies at

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  • The changes look great, especially the new graph.  I think the next big improvement for this site is allowing users the ability to create their own account that we might be paying off.  Right now, my student loan won’t link (despite many efforts).  I’d love to manually add it myself.

  • Roxie

    I agree – be able to add some manual accounts will make this significantly more useful! Almost half of my accounts won’t link (and they are all “known problems”).