What’s New at ReadyForZero

We’ve been listening to your feedback and today we’re announcing the release of some exciting new features. But before we get into the details, we’d like to tell you about what we’ve learned since our launch and where we’re headed from here.

Our original vision remains unchanged: use the latest technologies to help people better manage and reduce debt – on their own. Banks and their customers (you) are losing billions, we are hoping to change this by introducing a little transparency and a lot of automation. Our first version proved that an online software product could actual work for people and today we’re expanding it. Over the past few months, we’ve put together an extremely talented team. We now have more talented engineers, designers and other experienced team members who are pushing the limits for you. For such a small group, we’ve accomplished a lot in a really short period of time.

6 months ago we set out to build a technology product that could do 3 things:
1. … help people better manage, automate, and reduce debt on their own;
2. … help people prevent and overcome challenging financial situations;
3. … help people improve their creditworthiness, increase financial literacy, and access better financial products.

Armed with our most recent success profiles as evidence, we know we’ve started to prove #1 and #2. And beginning with today’s product release we’ll continue making improvements at a faster rate toward #3.

Today, ReadyForZero users hail from all 50 states and all ages (18-75+ years old). ReadyForZero is designed to be Internet software for anyone. Our users have a mean credit score of 640 (this is very close to the national mean), which means help people with a wide variety of financial situations. Most importantly, what we’re building is working for a lot of people.

So…What’s New

1. Link other debt types – this means you are no longer limited to just credit cards; ReadyForZero can help you manage all your debts. This was by far the most requested feature.


2. Check (and increase) your speed – we now calculate your overall speed, this means you can quickly figure out how well you’re doing and even schedule extra payments to go even faster.

3. Enjoy a new interface with more to do – we’ve added a lot of actionable advice and activities that we know will save you time and money. The goal is to keep you focused, help you learn more about what you can do right now and improve your financial stability.

4. And a lot of small-ish (and bigger) updates. – we’ve updated many of our existing features too; things like the progress snapshots, the overall progress views, and general application performance enhancements and fixes.

So…What’s on the Horizon?

You can expect a lot more at a much faster rate in the weeks to come. The focus will be around automation and access to better financial options based on your unique situation and ReadyForZero progress. As always, we’ll keep you posted as we make progress and, of course, we ask that you do the same and tell us what you think.


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  • Love it! This is probably the best thing to happen for Young Americans! RFZ does all the crunching for you and you just follow what it says. 

  • Guest

    I would love to try it out, but every time I log in it just says “Loading” for the entire time.

    • Ben

      Thanks for the heads up!  We got an unexpectedly high amount of traffic on launch day and the site was running a little slow for some people.  Please try it again and let us know if you have any more problems logging in.

  • Guest

    The new site is much slower than before and locks up while it is ‘thinking’.

    • Ben

      Thanks for letting us know!  Please see my comment below.  If you have any further problems don’t hesitate to tell us.

  • guest

    would love it to automatically make my payments through my bank account at the given plan. 🙂 

  • Sean

    First I would like to congratulate and thank you guys on providing such a great service.

    I have one question or concern however, that after the new design and upgrade I am no longer able to connect with my Chase checking account.  Once I hit login it says “refreshing” and it stays like that and nothing happens.  If it helps, I am using Google Chrome.

    Thanks again,

    • Ben

      Sean, thanks for letting us know!  We’ve been working to fix a few issues like the one you mentioned.  I will pass along your comment and it should be addressed quickly.  If you continue having problems, please send an e-mail to support@readyforzero.com.

      • Sean

        Will do Ben, thanks again!

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  • SkepticalFan

    I was actually really impressed with the initial ReadyForZero, but I eventually just closed out my account because the app was really only working with 1 of my accounts I’d set up. =  As much as I’m eager to try out the enhanced ReadyForZero, I’m hesitant to start this process ALL over again if it’s not going to work for me again… Any specific bug fix info published for the “not being able to connect to account” stuff?

    • we hope we can fix this in the coming months to ease your skepticism 🙂