We’re Featured in Inc. Magazine Today

Inc Magazine ReadyForZeroEarlier today we were featured in a great article over at Inc.com discussing the student loan debt crisis and how technology is being used to help people tackle their debt and get free from their student loans.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

In April, the total amount of student debt for young Americans surpassed $1 trillion. To put that in perspective, $1 trillion is more than the size of the national GDPs of Israel, Finland, and Greece combined. College seniors who graduated in 2010 carried an average of $25,250 in student-loan debt each, and about five million federal-loan borrowers are currently in default.

…ReadyForZero is probably one of the easiest ways for students to view–and manage–their debt online. Founded in 2010 by Rod Ebrahimi and Ignacio Thayer, the Y Combinator start-up has attracted financing from 500 Startups and Polaris Venture Partners.

Hopefully as this issue continues to get more attention, we’ll be able to help more and more people get their student loan debt under control and paid off. In the meantime, check out the whole article and let us know what you think!

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