Our Readers Are Smart!

A couple of weeks ago, we held a Twitter giveaway for a yet to be released Kindle Fire to celebrate the re-launch of our product. To enter, all you had to do to is  follow us on twitter (@readyforzero) and tweet us your favorite money saving tip.

Yesterday, Amazon finally released the Kindle Fire and we shipped it out right away to our lucky winner, Lisa Dion. She should be receiving her prize any day now!

We had a blast doing this giveaway and reading all the awesome money saving tips that we received as part of the contest. You guys are so creative and money savvy! We liked your tips so much that we decided to showcase some of them on our blog.

Here are some of our favorites:

“Bring lunch to work 3 times a week instead of going out!”

“Limit yourself by only bringing cash to the bar!”

“Only use your credit card if you could also pay with cash!”

“Write a list before you go shopping and stick to it (simple but effective).”

“Redbox, Netflix & Hulu vs. Satellite/Cable, theaters & video stores!”

“During summer, turn down the AC and turn on the ceiling fan instead.”

“Never go to the grocery store hungry-save on those food bills!”

“Want that new jacket? Think about it for a week before deciding to buy.”

“Think b4 u buy! Remove credit card #’s from online accounts.”

“Use a smartphone bar-code scanner to find the lowest, closest price.”

We hope you enjoyed taking part in this giveaway as much as we enjoyed conducting it. We wish we could’ve given a prize to every single one of you! We promise to have more of these in the future so don’t be a stranger and check back often!

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