Year In Review: Our Most Practical Financial Advice from 2012

Most Practical Financial Advice

Wow, 2012 sure flew by! We’ve been writing up a storm here at the ReadyForZero blog and realized it might be helpful to recap some of the most practical blog posts we published in 2012.

For people paying off debt (or anyone, really) it is always nice to get some practical advice to help you reach financial freedom a little bit quicker.

Below, you’ll find our best tips and advice that is concrete and actionable. It’s divided by month, starting from the beginning of the year…

January 2012

Discover the Science Behind New Year’s Resolutions

The Daily Commute: 7 Ways to Maximize Time and Save Money

Debt Avalanche Vs. Debt Snowball: Which is The Best Way to Pay Off Debt?

February 2012

How to Ensure Positive Changes Turn into Lifelong Habits

Ditch the Valentine’s Day Traditions and Celebrate All Year Long

What to Do if You Can’t Pay All Your Bills

March 2012

11 Creative Ways to Negotiate and Lower Your Rent

What to Do With Your Tax Refund

How to Find a Job While in Debt

April 2012

Fun Ways to Workout and Get Fit Without Joining a Gym

10 Clever Ways to Reduce Energy and Save Money on Utilities

How To Find A Reputable Debt Consolidation Company

May 2012

Know Your Options: The 5 Different Ways to Get Out of Debt

Credit Unions vs. Banks: Which Should You Choose?

Easy Wallet Hacks to Help Optimize Your Budget

June 2012

Should You Pay Off Loans Early?

How to Save Money on Your Daily Cup of Coffee

How to Negotiate Your Bills

July 2012

Simple Tips for Creating a Budget You Can Stick To

Fun Staycation and Local Travel Ideas That Can Save You Money

Living on a Budget in the Big City

August 2012

Supercharge Your Debt Paydown with Extra Income

How to Negotiate Medical Debt

Should I Do A Payment Protection Plan?

September 2012

How to Legitimately Make Extra Money From Home

The True Secret to Paying Off Your Debt

Should I Pay For Cable TV?

October 2012

The Anatomy of a Credit Report

Which Credit Card Should I Pay Off First?

What Should You Do Before Buying a House?

November 2012

Curb Your Spending by Giving Yourself More Paydays

Should I Do a Reverse Mortgage?

How to Pay Off Student Loans After You Graduate

December 2012

Dealing with Debt as a Couple

How to Find a Career That Is Right For You

5 Money-Saving Tax Moves to Make Before the New Year

Whew! That is quite a list.

And as a bonus, we decided to include some of the great success profiles we published in the last year.

Success Profiles

ReadyForZero Success Profile: Chuck

ReadyForZero Success Profile: Nick

Success Profile: The World-Traveler Who Destroyed $37,000 in Debt

The 27-Year Old Entrepreneur Who Paid Off $6,500 in Credit Card Debt

These are all real people who used ReadyForZero to pay off debt and were kind enough to talk to us about their experience and let us write about them. Hopefully with our advice and encouragement you’ll be well on your way to being one of our new success profiles this year!

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