How to Pay Off Your Victoria’s Secret Card


The Victoria’s Secret Angel Card is one of the most used retail store credit cards in the country. It is both a store credit card and a rewards card in one, and people get drawn to it with the hopes of saving money when shopping for lingerie. Like many other retail cards, this one can get you into debt if you’re not careful.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with having such a card. Whether you signed up because you wanted 25 Angel Points and $15 off your next purchase or simply because the card itself is highly attractive and lingerie-looking, it makes sense. But that doesn’t mean it’s worth going into debt for. No matter what kind of credit card perks you get as you spend more and more, there always comes the time when you need to “pay the piper.” Besides that, the interest rate is extremely high on this card.

Whether you racked up just a little bit of spending from last month’s splurge, or whether you’ve gotten yourself into a bit of a debt hole, here’s how to pay off your Victoria’s Secret Credit Card.

How to Log In and Pay Your Credit Card

Like any credit card, this one has a bank behind it. The current Angel Visa credit card is issued through Comenity Bank, Wilmington, Delaware. In order to pay your card online you’ll need to follow these steps:

  • Click “Angel Card” in the upper left hand corner.

  • Scroll all the way down, and click “Manage Account” under the subheading “Angel Card” on the left-bottom of screen.

  • Sign into your “Account Center” with your username and password (if you do not have one, below is a “First Time Here” area in grey where you can create your online account).

  • On the next screen, you can choose to pay your bill/make a payment, review your transactions, and check on your points balance.

Note: You can also make payments through the mail (you will receive statements unless you specify you do not want to), over the phone at (800) 695-9478 (there is a $15 fee to pay by phone), or by going into any Victoria’s Secret store and talking to a representative.

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Steps for Paying off a Large Amount of Debt

Did you go a little crazy at Victoria’s Secret last month, or was it just a slow accrual of lingerie here and there that you never formally paid off? Not to worry. I am going to show you three ways to jumpstart your debt payoff so that you can pay the least amount of interest possible while getting back to zero quicker:

  • Make a Plan: You’ll want to start by planning out your debt repayment path. Use ReadyForZero to make this part a little easier. Decide how much you can afford to pay off each year and then begin tracking your progress.

  • Carpool to Work: By temporarily carpooling, you can cut your gas costs dramatically in a very short period of time (enabling you to funnel the extra money saved towards your debt repayment). Not sure where to find someone to carpool with? Post a sign in the lunch area where you work. Or use a web app to find carpool partners in your area.

  • Pack Lunch for One Month Straight: Challenge yourself to pack your lunch for every work day this upcoming month. Each time you do, set aside a few bucks on what you would have spent eating out. At the end of the month, make an extra payment on your VS Angel Card.

  • Put a Barrier Between You and the Card: You will not get out of debt quickly if you continue to spend on this card. So do what needs to be done by either keeping it in a desk drawer, cutting it up with a pair of scissors, freezing it in a block of ice, or really whatever physical barrier you need in place in order to stop future purchases.

Do you have an Angel credit card? If so, share your experience in the comments below. What was the sign-up perk, and was it worth it to you?

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  • nikki

    I want to send a personal check and make a full payment, is there a different address other than the one given to me in the mail (the remittance envelop)? The directions are, at the moment, a bit befuddling to me.

  • Mil

    This is the WORST customer service that I ever had. I pay the money on DEC 2015. and charge me again on JUL 2016

    Therefore, I filed a dispute on early- August.

    I called twice later (8/20 and 8/22) within my payment period to make sure if the result comes out for the dispute. The CSR said NO, it would need to take another 3 weeks to process.

    In addition, I asked if I needed to make a payment before the due date (8/28) , even the result was not out yet?
    CSR said NO, don’t do anything.

    Therefore, I called today on 9/12 that I was being charge on late fee $30.00 and some sort of finance charges**

    1st: They keep transferring me to different departments – it takes FOREVER to get to them

    2nd: I was told NOT to pay in Aug.- Resulting they charged me late fee and finance charge (CSR should be re-train by providing WRONG directions to customer)

    3rd: The result was NEVER get to me until Sep, I also called to check on the status (8/20 and 8/22) . Today they told me it was completed on 8/16 (CSR didn’t provide information instantly to customer)

    CSR’s fault – Resulting penalty to me

    I am totally not recommending Angle Card (COMENITY BANK) to my families and friends. The bank staffs are absolutely NOT professional. All they want is to eat-up your money! Telling you not to pay it and rolling up the money from you. They won’t waive any fees because it’s “your” fault to trust them. It also HURT your credit when closing the account becuase it’s “your” fault to trust them.

    They won’t care about their customer – not your credits, trust, feelings and anything.
    Don’t ever try to send out a complaint because it won’t work – NEVER send out (rejected) – Don’t ever call to make a complaint – Sorry! There’s NO such option