How to Pay off Debt With A Low Income


Paying off debt can be a challenge like no other. This is especially the case when it’s high-interest rate consumer debt. Depending on your specific circumstance, there are going to be other factors that impact the ability to kill the debt once and for all.

One challenge that will likely impact your ability more is having a low income. There may be a variety of reasons for the low-income though each presents a unique challenge to paying off debt. Don’t give in to the excuse of thinking that having a low income will impact your success. While it does make it more difficult, it can most definitely be accomplished with the right attitude.

Yes, Building and Living in a Tiny House is a Real Thing


There are now over 105 million Google results for the search term: Tiny House. Clearly, this movement is red hot- but why is it so appealing?

A Tiny House is smaller than 200 square feet – less than 1/10th the size of a typical American home. Tiny Houses are often built on flatbed trailers, so you can think of a Tiny House as a portable studio apartment. The appeal is based on two factors: changing values and shifting socioeconomics.

How I Managed to Quadruple My Savings in Two Years


Saving was never an intentional decision on my part. When checks came pouring in for my high school graduation, I simply couldn’t imagine forking over such a huge amount of cash for anything and not immediately feeling guilty for it.

As I watched the amount grow with the relatively meager amounts I earned from side jobs throughout college, the thought of not having that savings cushion was panic-inducing – I can only explain it as fear of missing out on something I hadn’t put a name to yet. I didn’t want to have to save up for something after deciding I wanted it – I wanted to be able to pay for what I wanted, when I wanted it.

If You’re Buying a House, Please Don’t Get Married


The news is everywhere. The spring home sale has begun and both buyers and sellers are highly active. Home sales are surging to the fastest pace in the last 18 months. According the Realtor Mag, existing home sales rose 6.1% in March month-over-month.

After a quiet start to the year, sales activities picked up greatly throughout the country in March. The combination of low interest rates and the ongoing stability in the job market is improving buyer confidence…-Lawrence Yun, NAR Chief economist

If you’re part of this statistic, you’re probably going to see a mortgage loan officer in the near future. Getting approved for a mortgage can be a long and stressful process. Banks are tightening their lending requirements and asking for more verification all across the board.

I Decorated My Apartment For Under $200, Here’s How


Cash strapped with only a few meager belongings to my name, I spent a four-month stint in one of my first apartments dreading any extended amount of time I had to spend there. Fortunately the space came fully furnished – unfortunately, I quickly convinced myself said furnishings were bug infested and couldn’t be trusted.

What was my biggest takeaway from those unhappy four months? My space is hugely important to my sense of security and comfort. It can either make me feel relaxed and recharged or uncomfortable and stuck.

On This Day: Armed Robbers Steal $28,000 From the U.S. Army


On May 11, 1889, a group of armed robbers ambushed U.S. Army Paymaster Major Joseph Washington Wham and his military escorts about 15 miles west of Pima, Arizona. After a two-hour gun battle, the robbers wounded 8 soldiers and walked away with just over $28,000 in gold and silver coins (worth over $750,000 today). No one has ever been convicted for the robbery, and the government never recovered the payroll funds.

Though Major Wham and several other soldiers identified the eight men put on trial for robbery shortly after the incident, the jury found all suspects not guilty.  So, who did it, and where’d the money go?

Founders Story with Greg Goodson of Rafflecopter


Greg is one of the founders of Rafflecopter, a dead simple way to host giveaways on your website. Rafflecopter makes it easy to launch and manage a giveaway for any brand, on any website, as much as you want, with no I.T. help required.

RFZ: Can you tell us a little background about how you decided to start Rafflecopter?

Greg: At the time, I was working with my cofounders on a project that would make it easy for bloggers to embed an ecommerce store into their site and display products in their store that are based around the interest of their users. Basically a third party affiliate storefront service. As the ‘non-technical’ cofounder, it was my job to find first time users and perform general customer development.

Why Intentional Spending is Key to Managing Your Money


The world of personal finance is entrenched in “shoulds.” In fact, do a quick search of the words “personal finance” and you’re likely to find an entire laundry list of all the things you should be doing and all the things you’re already doing wrong. There’s no shortage of opinions surrounding how your money should be managed or spent.

Unfortunately, the idea there’s a series of rules or answers that will fit every personality and lifestyle type is just as absurd as saying everyone in the world looks alike. We don’t and we never will.

After talking about what’s coming in, what’s going out, the total cost of bills, and the savings plan that is or should be in place, we often forget to explore one key component of creating a money plan we can stick to – what’s the why?

A Coffee Addict’s Money Saving Tips


I’ve always been told that I should kick my coffee addiction, because I could save a ton of money. For me, that advice never worked. Coffee makes me nice, productive, and happy. Without it, I’m pretty sure I couldn’t hold down a job or make friends, because I’d be grouchy all the time!

Sound like you? Don’t worry! There’s still hope for coffee addicts and aficionados like us to stick to our budget without compromising caffeine, flavor, and quality. Here are 5 ways for you to enjoy quality coffee on the cheap!

How Paying Myself First Boosted My Wealth


When I was growing up, my dad used to teach classes on money management and debt. Many of his participants were struggling to clean up their financial mess while trying to learn money principles that would have done wonders for them if it was taught earlier on in their lives.

I would sometimes attend – begrudgingly, of course – and sit in the back with my sister, hoping for the time to pass just a little bit quicker. But occasionally, I couldn’t help but listen.

One of the points that my dad always stressed was the importance of paying yourself first. I never fully understood the concept, I simply remember thinking it sounded quite irresponsible to me. (I was always a rule follower.)