Optimization, Education, and Getting In Touch With Your Emotions: Our Best Posts from July

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You can tell a lot about a person by their favorite things… or nothing at all, depending on what kind of things you’re talking about. Being the organizational wizard that I am, I love lists and that seems to lend itself to having a favorite for everything. For instance, my favorite color is purple, my favorite season is Summer, and my favorite month is August. Why? And what do these things say about me? I have no idea.

But, before I harken to my great love for August – even though it signifies a near end to my favorite season (at least Fall is my second favorite season…) – let’s talk about some great things that happened in July! More specifically, let’s talk about the best posts (dare I say some of our favorites?) from July 2014!

Optimizing Your Life

Did I mention that I’m an organizational wizard? In other words, a huge nerd that loves to optimize, well, everything. Luckily, we’ve had quite a few posts recently to help with just that:

How to Organize Your Environment to Stay Motivated

Once your environment is organized and ready to go, use these podcasts and apps to help optimize your next steps for necessity and fun this summer:

The Top 7 Financial Podcasts For Millennials
The 7 Best Free Travel Apps…EVER

…and to make sure you have even more fun, find out how you can optimize your built-in free time to earn extra money:

Dough on the Side: How to Earn Extra Cash on Your Lunch Break

Finally, true optimization of your finances includes being prepared for anything. This post will help you do just that:

The Key to Protecting Your Financial Information from a Scam

Getting Educated About All of Your Options

Now that you have everything you need to organize, optimize, and protect your finances, you can  move on to the next step: expanding your financial knowledge. First things first, a few things to think about if you’re just getting started on your debt payoff journey:

How to Set Up A Debt Repayment Plan
What Is the Statute of Limitations on Debt
How to Send a Request for Validation of Debt Letter

…and something to consider if a company is offering you what appears to be an easy way out:

Debt Settlement May Not Provide the Relief You’d Expect

Addressing the Emotional Side of Debt

Let’s not forget that there’s a lot more to debt than just numbers. Numbers may be the name of the game, but emotions are the driver. So if you’re ever held back by feelings of inadequacy in your financial knowledge, then these posts are a MUST read:

Why You Should Never Say You’re Bad at Math (and Other Financial Wisdom)
The One Emotion That Can Really Hurt Your Finances – and How to Fight Back
Overcoming the Guilt Associated with Mismanaged Finances

Checking in with Some of Our Readers

You know who offers really great financial wisdom? You! Some of our absolute favorite posts come from our Reader Perspective Series. Here are a few from July that offer truly unique and inspiring perspectives:

Know Your Limits: Why You Should Calculate Your Own Personal Debt Ceiling
Why Living at Home After Graduation is NOT a Cop-Out

A Few Tidbits Before You Go…

Before we officially bid farewell to July, we’ve got a few more interesting posts to get you thinking. Did you know that your birth order could actually correlate with your financial behavior? Or that spending on experiences could help you find fulfillment? Read more about both of these topics here:

The Surprising Link Between Birth Order and Financial Behavior
Stop Spending on Stuff: The Case for Funding Experiences

That’s all for now, folks. What were some of your favorite posts lately? Let us know in the comments below!

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