New Features: Calendar Sync, Updated Accounts, Public Snapshot

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been quietly pushing out updates, squashing bugs, and talking to hundreds of users. What’s new in ReadyForZero? A whole lot. Read on.

Sync payment reminders to your calendar

You can now have your payment recommendations and due dates automatically sync to your iCal, Outlook, Google, or other calendar via the open .ics format. These payment reminders will appear inside your calendar along with recommended payments. Log in and go to Settings > Calendar Sync to set it up.

Rfz update 31511 calendar3

Improved account management, edit APRs

We’ve upgraded the account management settings pages and system to work more smoothly. Some users who were consistently seeing an error on one or more of their accounts should now be able to fix those accounts. Additionally, you can now edit your interest rates (APRs) inline instead of going through our voodoo workaround.

Rfz 31511 update settings

Verified public balance snapshots

We’re especially excited about this one, and we’ve seen support from the community as well. Sometimes, when you’re applying for a loan, and apartment, or any other sort of credit, the lender wants to know more about your finances. You can now quickly and easily create an anonymous snapshot of the credit card balances, interest rates, and minimum payments that have been linked to your account, and share the URL with the lender.

This allows you to give them basic information from a verified source, that can often be difficult and costly to get from a credit bureau. Hopefully, this increases your chances of a successful deal.

Here’s an example of a public credit card snapshot. To learn more or activate yours (it’s off by default), log in to ReadyForZero and go to Settings > Public Snapshot.

Rfz update 31511 snapshot

New actions

We’ve built in some new actions, one prompting you to set up your calendar (mentioned above), and another telling you to call your lender and ask them to lower your APR. We’ve heard back from a number of people who have gotten their interest rates lowered by anywhere from 3 to 7 percentage points, which can translate to hundreds or even thousands of dollars saved in the long run.

How are you doing?

We’re halfway into our second month since launching, and have been excited to hear from hundreds of users who tell us that we’ve helped them save time and money already. We’ve also heard from plenty who have questions and critiques. All your feedback is invaluable to us, and we would love to hear YOUR thoughts. Keep us posted.

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