Neiman Marcus Breach Reaffirms Credit and Debit Card Vulnerabilities


Whoops! Looks like there’s been another security breach at a major retailer. Next up? Neiman Marcus.

Following the major security breach at Target, security measures at big name retailers have been thrown into the spotlight. The most recent security breach at Neiman Marcus proves that high end stores aren’t exempt from the dangers of a hacked database. The breach (which may have exposed customer’s address, credit card information, and names) leaves shoppers vulnerable to a variety of issues including financial fraud, identity theft, and credit liability.

Though the Neiman Marcus breach is in the early stages of publicity, that will change in the coming days. Thus far, the fraudulent charges made with customers’ credit card information have been confined to cards used at a Dallas branch of Neiman Marcus. But just because the scope is thus far relatively small doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take the necessary steps to protect your finances. Afterall, Target initially reported that 40 million customers could be impacted by the breach but recently amended the statistic to 110 million.

If you’ve been a recent customer of either retailer, it’s essential that you take action sooner rather than later. This could mean the difference between fraud and a secure account. Here are some resources to help you protect yourself from recent security breaches:

What The Target Breach Can Teach You About Protecting Your Credit   The Target breach’s massive scale and unfortunate timing (right smack in the middle of the holiday season) brought the reality of data breaches down on many American shoppers. This post shares tips which will help you protect your accounts if you were a Target shopper at this time – as well as ways all of us can better protect our accounts from similar data breaches moving forward.

DIY Credit Repair  – If you should find an error on your credit report or in your credit score, take action to correct it as soon as possible. While most victims of security breaches like the recent ones at Target and Neiman Marcus aren’t held responsible for fraudulent charges, they will be held responsible if the charges aren’t caught. Monitor your credit score regularly so you can spot a mistake early on. Then read this article to find out what steps to take in order to fix any mistakes you do find.

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The Dangers of Debit: How Bank Cards Are Making Consumers Vulnerable To Fraud – To avoid exposing your PIN when you make a purchase, a small switch can keep your information more secure and less vulnerable to potential security threats. Read more about how choosing the “credit” option over the “debit” on your debit card can protect your information at the point of transaction.

Any security breach puts consumers at risk. But with protections and the proper reactions you can avoid being a victim of these increasingly common security breaches.

Have you been impacted by the recent breaches?

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