Monitor Your Credit Score As You Tackle Debt with ReadyForZero

It’s official: after listening to your feedback and working diligently behind the scenes, we are proud to announce the ability to monitor your credit score with ReadyForZero!

We’re particularly excited about this addition because, as you know, your credit score is a key measure of your overall financial health. That’s why we want to give you the power to monitor your credit score while you actively manage and pay down your debt – all from a single interface on ReadyForZero.

Credit Score Monitoring with ReadyForZero PLUS

Here it is: our new credit score monitoring tool!

Our mission has always been to use technology to help people pay off debt faster and build wealth sooner – this announcement is an indicator of that original commitment.

Now you can monitor your credit while tackling your debt and always know where you stand financially. In addition to having all your debt and credit in a single place, it will be much easier to spot signs of trouble before they grow into a bigger problem or threaten your overall financial well-being. Note: using ReadyForZero to monitor your credit score will not negatively impact your credit history or score.

Similar to our payment options, this premium service upgrade will be part of our ReadyForZero PLUS offering. Our premium subscribers have told us that using ReadyForZero PLUS to make their debt payments helps them stay on track and gives them peace of mind. We’re confident the ability to monitor your credit score will make your life that much less stressful.

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To upgrade and start monitoring your credit score, you simply need to link a valid checking account (if you haven’t already), answer a few security questions, and authorize a $75 annual payment (only $6.25 per month). The good news is, we want you to be completely satisfied with what you receive. So if for any reason you decide to downgrade, we will give you a prorated refund for whatever time you had left.

Ready to upgrade your ReadyForZero plan? If you’re already a ReadyForZero user, upgrade using this link and enter the promo code RFZROCKS2013 to get 10% off (for a limited time).

We are also excited to be giving you exclusive access to the new VantageScore 3.0 provided by Experian. This score is increasingly being used by lenders and financial institutions when making decisions about credit applications. To learn more about the different types of credit scores, see our new Credit Score Resource Center.

Of course, you can come to expect a lot more from ReadyForZero in the months to come!

Have questions? Post a comment below and we’ll respond as quickly as we can.

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