MoneyBuzz Ep. 002: Tool Time For Your Finances, An Interview With Paula Pant of Afford Anything


Personal finance doesn’t always come with directions. I know… it’s a bummer, right? But there’s some good news to that reality check – you can learn! You can get help! You can utilize resources! You can create the kind of life you want to lead.

Enter: Paula Pant of the blog Afford Anything.

In Ep 2. of MoneyBuzz

For this week’s episode, we were fortunate enough to sit down with Paula to chat about her financial mission, from earning passive income to crafting a career outside the 9-5 trudge.

What did we learn from Paula Pant? Oh, just pretty much how to be awesome.

Not only is is she living proof that it’s possible to break free from the social constructs that may be holding you back (financial and otherwise), she’s on a mission to help her readers collect the tools, confidence, and motivation to do the same.

She had so many quotables it was all I could do not to transcribe the entire audio interview right here for you. We’ve already geeked out over her phenomenal blog but after meeting her, listening to her lovely radio-ready voice, and collecting “ooooh” after “ahhh” in response to her wisdom, we can share with full confidence that she’s the coolest.

Plus, we learned her spirit animal (hint: it goes roar).

Some of the bits and pieces you can look forward to in the interview…

  • Stop with the “But I…”’s to so you can focus on the opportunities that are available instead of the barriers you have to overcome.
  • “Let go of those social constructs!”
  • “Treat debt like an emergency! Give it the respect it deserves.”
  • Learn the skills… nobody’s born with them! I mean seriously, nobody comes out of the womb knowing how to write songs or write books or buy rental properties.”

… but don’t take those as stand alones. There’s far too much goodness to contain to a single blog post.

So sit back, take out a notepad (believe me, you’re going to want to take A LOT of notes), and have a listen!

Mentioned in this episode…

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The 7 Afford Anything Tenets
Paula discusses #1: “Pave Your Own Path,” in the podcast but you can find the full list by scrolling to the bottom of the page on the link above!

Shannon gives a shoutout to Stefanie of The Broke and Beautiful Life (her MoneyBuzz interview is comin’ up too, y’all!)

Paula’s celebrity crush? Rachel Brathen aka yoga_girl on Instagram. Sharing wisdom and beauteous pictures? Count us in on the lovin’!

Finally… Benedict CumberbatchYep… there’s Sherlock talk.

We’d like to give a hearty thanks for tuning in and don’t forget to join the Afford Anything Revolution! Not only will you be joining a buncha fine folks, you’ll be taking yet another step towards your best financial path.

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  • Billiam

    Claire & Shannon,

    Great work! This [technically third] podcast has been the best yet. You two are finding your ‘voice’ nicely. I like the banter during the first half and then the fantastic interview with Ms. Pant. I had only previously heard little bits from her on Stacking Benjamins. Now I’ve bookmarked several pages on her site.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Shannon_ReadyForZero

      This just made my day :). Thanks so much for your kind words and for continuing to listen! We’re definitely having a lot of fun with this and getting more comfortable with each episode. I can’t wait to hear what you think of the next episodes!

  • Lisa Kovac

    Hi ladies, are you going to be putting your podcast on Itunes so they can automatically be loaded on smart phones as they are released? I’ve been looking for it but haven’t seen it appear yet.