MoneyBuzz Episode 001: Dear John… I Mean Debt, An Interview with Melanie Lockert of Dear Debt


What would you tell your debt if you could talk to it, face to face? I, for one, would probably have some pretty choice words. Now… what if you wrote your debt a letter?

Melanie Lockert of the financial blog, Dear Debt, created a project encouraging people to do just that. Forget “Dear John” letters, these “Dear Debt” letters give the opportunity (sometimes serious, sometime humorous) to break up with your debt and rid yourself of a toxic financial relationship.

“Dear Debt… get thee gone!”

In Ep. 1 of MoneyBuzz… Shannon and I chat about what our own “Dear Debt” letters might sound like, I sit down to talk more about the project with Melanie, and we end off with the recurring segment: “Claire’s Crazy Question” (a working title).

Sit back, have a listen, and ready your feather quill to take notes on your own “Dear Debt” letter!

Mentioned in this episode…

Dear Debt
To write your own “Dear Debt” letter, head on over to Melanie’s site, check out the guidelines, and shoot an email over to PS Tell her we say hi!

Capital One savings account
Melanie speaks to the the merits of saving for a specific goal and discusses how she’s utilized her  Capital One 360 for her various saving goals. Easy to create targeted savings accounts, easy to check in with your progress, all good stuff!

ReadyForZero PLUS
What better way to break up your debt than paying it off even faster. Use PLUS to your payments and set up bi-weekly payments! Get gone, debt.

Get offers for lower-interest rate debt consolidation loans here on ReadyForZero!
Check your rate using ReadyForZero's free debt consolidation tool. People have saved thousands by consolidating higher-interest debts using a single, personal loan, this will not negatively impact your credit. Check Your Rate Now

Coco Donuts of Portland
Truth: Coco Donuts in Portland slings better fried dough than Voodoo Donuts. Are these fighting words? Not a chance. All donuts are A-OK in my book!

A fine selection of fist bumps
Since fist bumps don’t translate well over audio waves, here are some Claire approved greetings should you need inspiration (these don’t have to apply to your debt).

Intro and exit music by ReadyForZero’s very own, very talented Marshall Brekka

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  • Danielle

    Out of curiosity, is there an RSS feed for your podcast? I’m looking forward to listening, but I generally use a podcatcher to do so….thanks!

    • Claire Murdough

      Hi Danielle!!

      Yes! We have an RSS button which you can find on the podcast homepage here:

      We’ll also be up and running on iTunes shortly.

      And if you ever have any questions/comments (or just want to say hi!) shoot an email to or tweet @moneybuzzing 🙂