Monday Shout Outs: Graduation Edition

Monday Shout Outs: Graduation EditionIt’s graduation season! Whether you’re getting ready to finish high school or college, now that you’ve shut the books for the year you can finally focus on what’s coming next! Maybe you’re taking the summer to prepare for college or you’re looking for your first “real” job.  Either way there are a lot of things you can do now to prepare for your financial future. Here at ReadyForZero, we’ve dedicated a section of our blog to student loan news and now we’re sharing other financial bloggers’ tips that every recent grad needs to know. Even if you’re not a recent high school or college grad, share these tips with anyone you know who is!

The 18 Best Jobs for 18-Year-Olds (Christian PF)
Hey high school graduates, want to make some extra money before heading off to college? Check out this article to find out what jobs you can work while still having a fun, relaxing summer. There might be some things on this list you haven’t thought of before.

The College Freshman’s Guide to Money Management (The College Investor)
Don’t let a whole summer of work go to waste when you get to college this fall! Keep this guide handy all year long to stay one step ahead on your finances. You’ll be glad you did.

Student Loans: Repayment Options (My Dollar Plan)
Okay college grads, you’ve finally finished four (or maybe five) long years of studying and are ready for the real world. But soon the student loan bills will start coming in. Whether you’ve landed your first job or you’re still looking for one, you can arrange your payments in a way that won’t break your bank. Read this article to learn all of your options.

5 Credit Card Rules for College Grads (
Now that you’ve got your student loan repayment terms figured out, you might think now is a good time to get a credit card and start building credit. Here are some tips that will help you find and use your credit card wisely so you don’t have to worry about diving into more debt.

6 Mistakes of New Earners and How to Fix Them (My Dollar Plan)
Been hired for your first job out of school? Congratulations! Your first paycheck may seem like A LOT of money after what you may have been earning in college, but with it comes new responsibilities. So before you plan how to spend that first paycheck, check out this article and learn how you can make that money grow.

While we’re mentioning articles we liked, check out My University Money who was kind enough to feature ReadyForZero recently.

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