Monday Shout Outs: America Saves Week, Breaking Rules and More

America Saves

It’s America Saves Week from February 19-26! This week of savings awareness is coordinated by America Saves and America Savings Education Council and we’d like to throw our support behind it. Whether it’s reviewing your budget to find that extra $50 to make payments towards your debt or setting up an automated savings account, we hope you set some time aside to review your finances this week.

Here Are Our Favorite Articles From Last Week

Break These 5 Money Rules to Mend Your Finances [Money Ning]
Some so called rules in life are definitely made to be broken, including those of the financial variety.

5 Reasons to Become Debt Free While You’re Still Young [Jenny Pincher]
Old habits die hard and the sooner you reign in your finances, the better off you’ll be for the rest of your life!

How To Fly For Free [Digerati Life]
Traveling expenses can put a big dent in your budget. This article outlines some excellent tips on how to get flights that are free or deeply discounted.

7 Hilarious Ways to Waste Money [BudgetsAreSexy]
This one is a just for fun post that goes to show that you can find just about anything for sale. If you find that one of the items listed is on your ‘must have’ lists, it might be time to admit you have a spending problem!

How to Protect Your Child’s Identity at Every Age [Credit Karma Blog]
While we’re busy worrying about our own financial identity, it’s easy to overlook the identity of our children. This article provides an excellent guide on the steps you should take to monitor your child’s credit.

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