Monday Shout Outs: Surviving Without Cable, Awesome Uses For Mayo and More!

It’s Monday today! Which means it’s our day to share some of our favorite articles that we came across last week. Hope ya like ’em!

Top Articles:

How to Survive Without Cable
When cutting back on finances, we often hear that having cable TV is an expensive luxury that should be cut out. This seems like a tough undertaking, but if you feel like you may be ready to explore that option to help streamline your finances, Twenties Hacker has got some great tips for you!

5 Financial Goals to Aim For
The Digerati Life put together this list of financial goals to aim for before turning 30, but we think these are great goals no matter what your age.

10 Unexpected  Uses for Mayo
We love this awesome post on Wisebread that present you with alternate and economic uses for a common household item. Betcha didn’t know that Mayo helped fill cracks in wood, did ya?

Having a Unified Approach to Finances
Merging finances with a spouse or partner can be tricky but is often necessary. Your Money Drawer helps you think through how to go about making this big change in your life.

The Difference Between a Credit Score and Credit Report
While they are very closely related, it’s important to know the differences between your credit scores and credit reports. Dough Roller has a great, detailed post to help you figure them out!

That’s all for today folks. Hope you enjoyed the light reading for your Monday!

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