Monday Shout Outs: Wedding Edition

Monday Shout Outs: Wedding EditionIs it just me, or does every weekend in June seemed to be full of weddings? No surprise, June is actually one of the most popular months for weddings every year. These occasions may be beautiful, romantic, and even fun, but they can also be disastrous for your budget.  That’s why we dedicated this week’s shout outs to weddings.  Whether you’re planning your own, taking part in a friend’s, or just attending, you’ll want to see these tips to help you save money!

For Richer or for Poorer: How to Plan (and Stick to) Your Wedding Budget The Daily Muse
If you’re newly engaged, you’ll find out fast how quickly plans can get out of control. Input from friends and family plus ideas you may have had forever can rack up some serious wedding expenses. So get together with your honey and this article and plan that budget!

Sample Wedding Budget Spreadsheet Leave Debt Behind
Now that you have a budget underway, you’ll want to make sure that you’re not missing any expenses that could pop up later.  This spreadsheet will keep you on track for the things you’ll need to plan your perfect day.

Nine Great Ways to Blow Your Wedding Budget Five Cent Nickel
So you planned a wedding budget and made sure to check everything off the list. Are you now suffering from sticker shock? If so, this article will tell you all the ways a wedding budget can go over the top and what you can do to reign it back in.

How to Be a Bridesmaid on a Budget Talking Cents
Just because you’re not planning a wedding this year doesn’t mean you won’t be spending money on one! Being a bridesmaid may be an honor, but it can also be seriously detrimental to your budget. Here are some tips to help you spend as little money as possible while still sharing in your friend’s special day.

How to Be a Wedding Guest on a Budget Talking Cents
Let’s face it, just going to a wedding as a guest can be expensive. The outfit, the gifts, and maybe even travel can add up fast. Here are some tips to help you attend that wedding without breaking your budget.

Survive Wedding Season Debt Free Enemy of Debt
The cost of being in or attending a wedding can be stressful enough to take all the fun out of it. Even though there are many obligations for you to fulfill, you don’t have to let them derail your budget. Read this to make sure you enjoy the wedding without going into debt.

Till Debt Do Us Part: Credit Tips for Newlyweds
Did you just have your own wedding? Now that you’re married, your lives – and finances – are forever bound to each other. Before you go crazy opening or closing new lines of credit you’ll both want to read this to optimize your finances as a pair.

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  • Thanks for including my guest post on Enemy of Debt!

    • Shannon_ReadyForZero

      You’re welcome, thanks for writing such a great post!  You gave really helpful tips that will come in handy to a lot of people this wedding season.

  • Leah

    Followed you here from 101 centavos because I was interested in the wedding title. I got married this past year, and we found that the best way to rein in our budget was to let go of what other people expected us to do. I really found the blog A Practical Wedding helpful in doing this. Meg and all the guest authors don’t emphasize budget, but they do emphasize spending wisely on what’s important and letting go of what doesn’t matter. For example, we had no dance, but we did have a horse drawn carriage.

    • Shannon_ReadyForZero

      This is really great advice, Leah. Thanks for sharing! I also agree that you should focus on what you want and not what you’re expected to do – but I’m sure that can be difficult sometimes. I’ll look into the blog you mentioned, sounds very interesting.