Monday Shout Outs: Retirement, Good Debt vs. Bad Debt and more.

Good Debt vs. Bad Debt

Sharing some of our favorite articles that we came across last week. Enjoy!

Top Articles:

Good Debt and Bad Debt [Consumerism Commentary]
In general, going into debt for assets that depreciate in value is considered bad and going into debt for assets that appreciate in value is considered good.

How to Talk to Kids About Debt [All Financial Matters]
Talking to kids about money matters may be difficult, but you might be pleasantly surprised at their ability get on board with your debt pay down plan.

Keep Driving Old Car or Buy a New One? [Money Crashers]
This  article outlines a few ways to determine which choice is the most cost effective and provides the most value over time.

Saving For Retirement on a Modest Income [Financial Samurai]
The tone of the article may be a bit harsh, but the advice, for the most part, is sound.

31 Days to Improve Your Financial Life [PT Money]
Phillip from PT Money is updating this post with  a new set of actionable tips to improve your finances every day this month. Follow the post daily for a new set actions to give your finances a solid boost.

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