Monday Shout Outs: How to Negotiate with Your Credit Card Company

Favorite Articles Of The Week

How to Negotiate With Your Credit Card Company [Bible Money Matters]
Many things in life are negotiable, and believe it or not, your credit card bill is one of them. If you’re truly having difficulty paying off your debt, try the tips outlined in this article to work something out with your credit card company.

How to Graduate From College Without Student Loans  [Say Campus Life]
At ReadyForZero, we’re committed to helping you pay off your loans as fast as possible. What’s even better? Graduating with very few or no loans all together.

Save on Dining: Eat Out and Spend Less [PT Money]
Ahh dining out. It’s the bain of my expense budget’s existence. I’ve managed to get it a bit under control over the last couple of months and the tips that Phil Taylor of PT Money shares in this article are great if you’re looking to do the same.

How To Invest in the Facebook IPO [Free From Broke]
Facebook, the world’s largest social networking site, is going public and will be hold an Initial Public Offering (IPO) in a few short weeks. Are you curious about how to invest in Facebook, or any other well anticipated IPO? Read this article for some great insights on the process.

Hope you liked the articles we rounded up for you this week! Looking for more good reads? Check out the Financial Camaraderie Carnival and the Festival of Frugality where a couple of our blog posts from ReadyForZero were featured as well.

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