Monday Shout Outs: Halloween, Winterizing and Paying Attention

It’s Halloween Monday today. As if Mondays weren’t scary enough on their own! Fear not, we’ve got some great articles lined up for you to read and enjoy.

Top Articles This Week

Last Minute Punny Halloween Costumes.
This is a great article by @BlackBudgets on hilarious last minute yet clever halloween costumes. From dressing up as a ‘Smarty Pants’ to being ‘Under the Weather’, these ideas are bound to get a chuckle (or an eye roll) from your friends and family.

5 Ways to Winterize Your Home Economically
Winter’s almost here, bringing the wonderful holiday season filled with family, festivities, food and high energy bills. One of those things is not like the others, and can be a real pain to deal with. No, we’re not talking about the in-laws.  @MoneyMatters has 5 great tips on how to prepare your house for the winter and keep your energy bill under control.

Financial Advice For My Future Kids
Inspired by the Gmail commercial  where a father creates an account for his daughter and sends emails to this account as a way to chronicle her childhood, @Kevin_is_money talks about  the financial advice he’d like to give his kids.

Optimize Your Employment
Excellent article on how to be more effective at your job and find greater success at your workplace via @LoveNotDebt.

How To Be Happy By Paying Attention
Sometimes, being happy means finding joy  by being just a little more present and attentive towards the good things in your life that surround you. @LifeOptimizer gives you a few tips on how to develop this great skill.

That’s all for today folks! Got any awesome articles you’d like to share? We’re all ears. Feel free to Tweet or Facebook us or let us know in the comments below.

Photo by Pedro J Ferreira

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