Monday Shout Outs: Thanksgiving Fun, Fixing Cars and Paying Off Debt

Ah, the Monday before Turkey Day always brings a smile on my face as I think about spending time with friends and family.

Here are some of our favorite articles from last week!

10 Ways To Make Thanks Giving Super Fun: [Dumb Little Man]
Add a little flare to your thanksgiving dinner this year and have a day of fun-filled holiday festivities that your friends and family are sure to remember.

Finally Debt Free: $571,817.68 Down And $0 To Go! [Meadow Devor]
Wow, we were truly impressed when we came across Meadow Devor’s article on being debt free after paying off such a massive amount of debt. Congrats Meadow, your story is very  inspiring!

How Not To Suck At Applying For Jobs [Money Under 30]
Applying for jobs can be a daunting undertaking. Follow these simple tips and you’ll be better off than most applicants no matter what the job opportunity.

Should You Fix Your Car or Buy a New One? [Financial Samurai]
Is your car getting up there in mileage? Is it still trustworthy or is it a money pit that needs to be replaced? Financial Samurai has some good  tips that’ll help you make your decision!

How Long Should You Keep Your Financial Records? [Christian PF]
From Pay stubs to Salvation Army Donation receipts, Christina PF outlines some good rules of thumb on keeping your financial records. If the IRS ever decides to audit you, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

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  • I alays have a smile on my face before turky day. 😉 The mentioned articles are very interesting.It looks like I have a lot to read.Thanks! 😉

  • Thanks Radu, glad you enjoyed the articles!

  • We rely on our cars to bring to work or school. Having a car is convenient as you get to your destination in comfort and as quickly as possible. With this, there are things that we need to consider especially if the one we are currently using is over 5 years old. Maybe we could have it fixed or just buy a new one; the maintenance costs – these are just a few to think about. The articles in this site are worth reading, thanks for sharing!