Monday Shout Outs: Free Movies, Life After Debt and More

Get into movies for free

 Here are our favorite articles from last week!

How to Watch Movies For Free: [Savvy Sugar]
On a strict financial diet but still jonesing to check-out the latest flick? Read this article for tips on how to watch yet to be released films for gratis!

Reducing Monthly Spending to Pay Down Debt: [Enemy Of Debt]
Some excellent tips on how to to go through your monthly spending and elliminate unnecessary expenses in order to make better progress on your debt.

How and Why We Rationalize Spending: [Free From Broke]
We love this article for its honesty. To get ahead financially, don’t rationalize your spending. Recognize it, be honest with yourself, and do something about it!

Get a ‘Side Hustle’ as a Sample Passer Outer: [BudgetsAreSexy]
Leave it to J Money (author of the blog, BudgetsAreSexy) to showcase another cool, creative way to generate some extra income. Ever wondered what it takes to be a sample passer outer..erm..I mean product demonstrator? Read on to find out!

Life After Debt– A Debt Paydown Success Story: [Punch Debt in the Face]
We love love love us some debt paydown success stories. That’s why we feature them regularly on our blog! And when we come across some awesome stories on other websites, we like to share them with you for some feel good motivation.

Got any articles you enjoyed last week? Share them with us in the comments below!

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