Monday Shout Outs: The Credit Score Edition

Love it or hate it, one thing’s for sure: Your credit score is considered by many as an important measure of your financial capabilities. This week, we share some recent articles with you that help you understand and boost your credit score.

Credit Score

What Comprises Your Credit Score? [Bible Money Matters]
The first step to improving your credit score is understanding how it’s calculated. Do you know which factors go into making a credit score? Read on to find out.

Credit Report Used By Employers [PT Money]
Find out what an employer can and can’t see about your credit history if they decide to check your credit report as part of the hiring process.

How to Get your Free Credit Score Online [Moolanomy]
This article is an excellence resource listing nearly every possible method of obtaining and monitoring your credit score for free.

How to Get a Great Credit Score [Bargaineering]
What does it take to have a great credit score? Hint: It doesn’t involve carrying a revolving credit card balance!

4 Popular Myths About Your Credit Score [Your Money Drawer]
A lot of popular misconceptions persist around credit scores. This article does a great job in debunking a few of the more popular ones.

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