Monday Shout Outs: Gratitude, Muppets and Spending Fasts!

It’s the Monday ‘Cyber Fun’ day today after the long Thanksgiving holiday filled with friends, family and chasing deals! Or perhaps you decided to steer clear of the mall crowds and the online sales in exchange for some extra peace and quiet. In any case, we hope you had a great holiday and are feeling recharged and energized to do some reading, cuz we’ve got some great articles lined up for you!

Top Articles:

How To Adopt an Attitude of Gratitude [Dumb Little Man]
We love how the Thanksgiving holiday helps us take a pause from our day to day worries and be thankful for what we have. Read this post for tips on how to extend this sentiment of gratefulness beyond the holidays.

How to Stop Worrying  [WiseBread]
And while we’re practicing being more grateful, let’s also work on worrying less, since those two do go hand in hand. If we have less to be worried about, we’ll have more to be happy and thankful for!

Be Frugal Like a Muppet!  [Credit Karma Blog]
This post  just pulls at your ‘aww that’s so cute!’ strings. Plus who knew that we could actually learn a thing or two about finances from the muppets?

Going on a 6 Month ‘Spending Fast’ [Minting Nickels]
Lindy went on a ‘Spending Fast’ for 6 months to save up for her financial goals. Her story is quite inspiring and relevant, especially at this time of year when retailers are inundating us with temptations to spend, spend, spend.

10 Mistakes That Hurt Your Credit Score [Gen X Finance]
The title says it all. Avoid making these financial mistakes and your credit score and finances will thank you!




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