Monday Shout Outs: Quitting a Job, Financial Checklists and Being Lucky.

Today is Monday and that means It’s our links shout-out day of the week. On Mondays, we like to tip our hats to articles that we enjoyed in the previous week and share them with you. So without further ado…

Top Articles of The Week:

Your Money Checklist
When getting your financial life in order, it’s really helpful to have a checklist to help you achieve your goals. @Moneyunder30 has a great article on  the line items that should be on your checklist, and even offers a printable PDF to help you get organized.

Alternatives to Payday Loans
Payday loans are predatory and should be used as an absolute last resort. @Enemyofdebt proposes a few alternatives if you find yourself in a financial bind.

A Checklist for Quitting Your Job
Have you had it with your current job and are ready to pursue other opportunities? Be sure to check the boxes off this ‘quitting your job’ checklist by @MoneySmart before jumping ship!

8 Simple Ways to Make Money With Your Car
Looking for a ‘side hustle’ to generate some extra cash? @RedeemingRiches high-lights some excellent ways to make money using just your car and your time.

10 Ways to Create Your Own Goodluck
And now for a motivational post. There’s a saying out there that goes something like ‘Goodluck is when hardwork meets opportunity’. In this post, @marcandangel show you some great things that you can start doing now to cultivate goodluck and positive energy in your life.

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We hope you enjoyed these links. Got any other good articles that you came across last week? Please share some of your own favorites with us via Facebook or Twitter!




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